Shalom In Israel Tour

June 21-30, 2023

Come join me and my family as we answer the call of The Spirit of God and the call of our hearts to bless and pray for Israel!  It has been years since we have returned to The Holy Land, but the memories of that trip are kept vibrant and alive daily as I read The Word of God.  Memories of the cities and geography of the locations where the stories that inspire us in the Bible are never the same once your feet have walked in and you’ve seen the sights of Nazareth, Galilee, Jericho, Capernaum, the Jordan River, Meggido, Gethsemene, and Jerusalem.

Traveling to this ancient land is so much more than a mere excursion, it is an encounter with The God of the men and women of faith we read about in the Bible, in the setting that they encountered Him!  Come encounter Him in Israel where it all happened!  Experience not only the past but also the present-day revelation of God’s work in Israel, and in our hearts as we pilgrimage and “pray for the shalom of Jerusalem,” the boundaries of Israel and the surrounding region.

If there was ever a trip that could be described as “of a lifetime,” for the believer, this is it.  We hope you will be joining us in June for this providential journey to the nation God calls Himself by...Israel.

Enthusiastically in Christ,

Pastor Don Bailey



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